Certificate in Photography

Sheridian College, Oakville ON

A Passion for Photography
The story of Photo Diva aka Trisha Kuntz is a common one among photographers.

It started one afternoon at her grandparent house, where her uncle pulled out an old Olympus SLR camera & gave it to her. 

From that day on she started taking pictures of friends, family & pets. In other words, she took pictures of almost anybody that would let her.

The following summer she got into a job placement course designed to find jobs best suited for each student’s personality. Trisha then spent the summer working in a One hour photo lab.

On returning to school that fall she wasn't 100% convince that photography was for her, due to another love for justice & wanting to fellow in her father’s footsteps as a police officer. She registered in Law & Justice & photography 101.

After some sole searching & talking with family, Trisha said that "My brother once told me if I can figure out what I want to do with my life while I was still young & spent all my time building toward it, I'd be a hide of the curve by the time I got to his age".

So that's what she did, focusing most of her time on building towards her future.
Now she spends her time working in wedding photography & photographing in schools. Working in about any type of photography makes her happy; in fact, just being able to click the camera shutter makes her happy.

Her Job
The legacy she hopes to leave in life is one of beautiful art & happy memories that the photography experience brings to her and the clients.

Just knowing that her work is up in homes all over the province, makes her feel like she is touching people lives and spreading good, while getting people to smile.

Some examples of her work


Come Visit us at the Grand
Salon Marions-nous in January

November 1st 2012


Cinetix Productions will be at booth 731 at the Grand Salon Marions-nous on January 5th and 6th, 2013.
Come and visit us, it will be a pleasure to welcome you!



Fixed-Price Coporate Packages
October 31st, 2012


Fixed-price packages for the corporations. Corporate videos, commercials, events, promotions, etc.
From a half-day shoot with 1 cameraman, to a full-day shoot with a complete crew.
Contact us for the prices!



Cinetix Productions v2.0 New Design
October 31st, 2012


There is a new image for Cinetix Productions: a new web design.
To mark the 5th anniversary of the incoporation of Cinetix Films Inc., has now a new modern look with an easier navigation.

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Our Team

  • Olivier Chagnon
    Director & Videographer - Owner
    B.F.A. Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
    Concordia University

  • Trisha
    Certificate in photography
    Sheridan College

  • Véronique
    D.E.C. in photography
    Cégep du Vieux-Montréal

  • Samuel
    Video Editor, Graphics Designer
    B.A. in Psychology

  • Dianna

  • Katia

  • Alain